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Hello and welcome to the Métillon-Irurzun dental practice

Our objective is to accompany you in the attention to Yourself, for a good oral health and a smile that you like.

From dental hygiene to the most complex treatments, our dynamic and cutting-edge technology team is at your listening to meet your needs.

With supporting images, we take the time to show you the necessary treatments and the way to proceed

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A dynamic team at your service

Philippe Métillon
Principal Dentist


Chantal Meyer
Dental Hygienist


Céline Mounoud
Dental Nurse


Bruno Irurzun
Dentist specialist
in Implantology


Catarina Vicente
Dental Nurse


Cintia Osorio
Dental Hygienist


Magalie Cardis
Dental Nurse


Our multidisciplinary team welcomes you to a pleasant and comfortable world of care which has the advantage of bringing together, in addition to traditional treatments, a variety of specialist areas such as implantology, periodontology or oral surgery

Dental checks

Tooth decay prevention
Scaling and Polishing

Restorative care

Composites (tooth decay)
Endodontics (root canal)

Prosthetic treatments

Inlays, onlays
Crowns, veneers
Crowns on implants
Removable prosthesis


Care of the gums, bone and all the tissues around the tooth that support it

Oral surgery

Oral surgery
Simple, complex and wisdom tooth extractions

Dental Implants

Implant placement to replace missing or extracted teeth. We use the STRAUMANN Switzerland brand for our implants

The approach

Computerised files

Our dental office has a specialised computer system that facilitates patient record management. All information collected during your appointments is treated confidentially and remains available in the long term to ensure treatment traceability and monitoring of your oral health

The intra-oral digital camera

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, we use this technology to show you the initial situation and the result after treatment

No more classical dental imprints with paste: thanks to this camera, and without any increase in price, we make optical imprints, comfortable and quick, when developing inlays or ceramic crowns

Panoramic and digital radiography

X-rays are essential for a complete and accurate diagnosis of the pathology of the mouth. We are equipped with digital radiological devices that reduce the amount of radiation as much as possible (80% less radiation compared to digital radiographs) while providing ideal definition for the analysis of your dental capital


Médecins-dentistes & Hygiénistes
Dentisterie restauratrice
Implantologie, endodontie et parodontologie
Prophylaxie et hygiène buccale

Grand Rue 38
CH-1814 La Tour-de-Peilz

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By phone : +41 21 944 43 23
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